New breweries

  • Brewhouse: The brewhouses are designed, engineered and produced by MAVIM GESMBH
  • Automatic: The brewing process control can be carried out manually, semi-automatically, or fully automatically. MAVIM GESMBH taylores it to the customer's needs
  • Fermentation & storage tanks, cylindro-conical tanks, cold and hot water tanks. MAVIM GESMBH has been working with a well-known European tank producer for years. It produces tanks designed by MAVIM GESMBH in perfect accordance with our requirements
  • Malt silo, malt squeezer and conveyors for grist and malt
  • Carbonation for beer and beverages
  • Short-term heating system for beer and beverages
  • Filtration
  • KEG cleaning and filling systems
  • CIP Station
  • Yeast propagation and storage tanks
  • Water preparation systems
  • Air compressors
  • Refrigerators & chillers
  • Steam generator
  • Bottle filling, corking and labeling machines
  • Dispensing devices and catering equipment
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